I have always been teaching. My classmates, younger or older schoolmates, anybody who asked me to help. Since 2001 I have been working officially as a teacher. Ever since I feel honoured when someone has confidence in me and wants to learn from me. This, of course, requires sacrifice on the part of the student as well, as we are only able to reach our goals if we both do our best. I teach composition and some related subjects, and I train orchestral conductors. I have accompanied many singers as well, what I really liked. 
I warmly welcome students aspiring to be a composer or a conductor at the Bartók Conservatory in Budapest. I also train young instrumental musicians to learn the ins and outs of symphonic playing, always keeping in mind that playing in the symphony orchestra of the conservatory can be a defining experience; there you can definitely fall in love with orchestral playing for life. Each year I get to know wonderful people, what I can’t be grateful enough for.

Ilona Dobszay-Meskó