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clarinet, tuba, harp, percussion


Adaptation of five imaginary paintings to music

I used a quartet of an unusual combination of instruments – tuba, harp, clarinet and percussion (tom-toms and chimes) – to compose my even more unusual piece. The strangeness of the work lies in it not accounting for time. I didn’t use one of the main signposts of finding your way around the music: form made up of phrases. The work comes alive solely from the momentary impression, the unconscious flash of intuition; and that is entrusted to the listener. In the momentary experience of the concert, in a particular moment in the listener’s life, in their current state of mind they can call up symbols such as water, house, sky, travel, or time. For this reason, everyone will hear a different work.

The pictures:
Boat on the Shore
Colorful Skyscrapers
Starry Sky
Bike Path Through the Woods
The Train Station Clock

We see a small, light boat slowly bobbing among the sedges on the dark lake. Later, skyscrapers drawn with a children’s book cheerfulness appear in the busy city always in a hurry. Suddenly we see a starry sky, through which we can only imagine the wondrous depth of space, the swift motionlessness of planets and the unimaginable distances, which will one day cease to exist. We smell the scent of raspberries as we bike along a path. We catch a soft, balmy breeze. Finally, we see a large, round clock near the trains. The train station is empty.