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trumpet solo, string orchestra


The title comes from the contraction of two words, tromba and concertino, or “trumpet” and “little concerto.” Following the tradition of Baroque concertos, the trumpet is accompanied by a string orchestra, in a dialogue of equal partners. The main theme of the first movement was inspired by the characteristic Son of the White Mare-theme from the children’s opera The Son of the White Mare. The theme is played by the trumpet in the original as well, but here it has more space and freedom for a full-fledged solo. The main theme has a heroic, modern, bright, and Hungarian character; the secondary theme leans towards lyricism. The main theme in the reprise has elements of jazz in its character, but it maintains its forceful momentum. The slow movement represents a moment of rest. It paints an idyllic lakeshore landscape where time stops for a while. The playful final movement is brimming with melodic, occasionally even comedic passages. Playing through the entirety of the concerto presents an enormous artistic and physical challenge for the soloist trumpeter.